Join Scouting: Visit  Donate to the WD Boyce Council, BSA


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Join Scouting: Visit  Donate to the WD Boyce Council, BSA

Personal Giving and Friends of Scouting (FOS)

Your personal contribution to our local Scout council - during the annual Friends of Scouting campaign or at any time of the year - provides Scouters, parents, alumni, businesses, and community members with an opportunity to support the programs and facilities of the WD Boyce Council.

The true cost of Scouting is much greater than what local dues or event and camping fees cover. Yearly registration fees directly support the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America and help provide program development and research, literature and other resources. But the Friends of Scouting Campaign gives families, individuals and businesses the opportunity to contribute directly to the WD Boyce Council on an annual basis.

Your generous tax deductible gift to the WD Boyce Council, which provides direct funding for Scouting’s life-changing programs, is a statement about your belief in Scouting and helping young people grow into successful adults.

Please help keep Scouting strong by making an investment in our community’s future and help ensure the continued legacy of Scouting in Central Illinois.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many corporations match employee contributions made to the Boy Scouts of America. Some companies even make financial contributions for volunteering time to Scouting.

Volunteer time is money with paid time off and volunteer grants
Local companies may also recognize volunteer time through paid time off or the donation of cash grants to non-profits for which their employees volunteer. This means that for each hour of volunteer time, employers are also contributing to the support of Scouting in our community.


1. Make your gift to the WD Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America

2. Complete a Matching Gift form available from your employer (usually the Human Resources department)

3. Send in your Matching Gift Application to WD Boyce Council, 614 NE Madison Avenue, Peoria, IL 61603


Presentation Available

To request a personal family Friends of Scouting presentation, please email


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