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What ScoutREACH Program does for our At-Risk Youth

Imagine being involved with a Scouting program where cultural diversity is strong and impacts the growth of every youth by providing new experiences within the Scouting program or having the opportunity to enrich the lives of youth who live in at-risk communities. The W. D. Boyce Council strives to make this the reality for youth across central Illinois.

The purpose of the ScoutREACH program is to address the needs of at-risk youth who are not given the opportunity to take part in programs that provide them with positive experiences and influences in their lives. ScoutREACH is committed to enriching the lives of these youth by ensuring that our programs are available to them.

The W. D. Boyce Council provides the opportunities of camping, knot tying, merit badges, hiking, and dozens of other fun activities designed to build strong values and character for at-risk youth. The W. D. Boyce Council strives to ensure that all youth regardless of their circumstances can grow in the Scouting program.

Some of the special events the Council provides under the ScoutREACH program include:

  • Cub Scout Day Camp
  • ISR Camp Experience
  • ScoutREACH Pinewood Derby
  • ScoutREACH to Cache Lake Camp

Please help us ensure the Scouting message reaches youth regardless of their circumstances. For more information call the Scout Service Center at 309.673.6136.


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