2020 Five-Day Adventure Camps

Calling all Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos! Get ready for another exciting week of day camp! This year's theme is "Down on the Farm!" Each camp varies in their specific activities, but Scouts may participate in the following daytime adventures: archery, fishing, swimming, BB guns, crafts, and more! Scouts will work towards earning the Shooting Sports Award, get a custom day camp patch, and make unforgettable memories with their friends!  Tigers must be accompanied by their adult partner during the day. All packs must send one adult "walker" (see below) for every 5 registered Cub Scouts. For Adventure Camps, your Scout will be the next rank level than what they are now. They will rank up during their crossover ceremony or at the end of the school year. All Scouts who are Lions now will be Tigers at day camp, all Tigers will be Wolves and so on. 







Bureau County - St. Bede Academy 

24 US-6 Peru, IL 61354

June 8-12

Erin Picton 


Registration Opens January 1,2020

Pontiac- Humiston Woods Scout Camp

11000 E. 2200 North Rd. Pontiac, IL 61764

June 8-12

Dave Gallup


Registration Opens January 1,2020

Mt. Pulaski - The Martin Farm

445 1600th Ave. Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548

June 15-19

Barb Morris



Registration Opens January 1,2020 



Canton- Youth Acres

26400 N. Youth Acres Rd. Canton, IL 61520

July 6-10

Judy Taylor


Registration Opens January 1,2020

Ottawa- LaSalle County 4-H Fairgrounds

1578 4 H Rd. Ottawa, IL 61350

July 20-24

Maria Devine MariaDevine@imtt.com


Registration Opens January 1,2020

Bartonville- Reader Park

5624 W. Tuscarora Rd. Peoria, IL 61607

July 6-10

Jenny Wetterauer




Registration Opens January 1,2020



Regular Rate: $120/ week

Use code "EARLYBIRD" at checkout to save $20 on all Cub Camps. 

Code expires May 1, 2020 for June camps and June 5, 2020 for July Camps. 


About Cub Scout Adventure Camp 

Cub Scout Adventure Camp provides a fun way to bond with your pack and den while learning Scout skills. The program of activities provides fun and adventure in the outdoors. 

Emphasis is placed on new experiences difficult to obtain in the usual indoor den atmosphere. Camps operate during the day time approximately 8:30am-4pm. However, each camp will have varying hours of operation depending on the specific camp schedule which will be posted as we get more information from the Camp Directors. Adventure Camp is a day camp open to boys and girls who are going into 1st - 5th grade in the fall of 2020. 

It is our pledge that every child who attends Adventure Camp will have a stronger character, fitness habits, and appreciation for citizenship. Each camp location will host a variety of age-appropriate program areas. Activities vary by location but may include archery, BB guns, Scout skills, fishing, swimming, games, and more! Ask your local Camp Director for more information on activities at specific camps!

Health Forms

All Scouts must turn in completed parts A&B of the Annual Health  and Medical Record and present a copy of their insurance card to participate in Adventure Camp. Parts A&B can be filled out by a parent. Turn or mail in your completed Health Form to the nearest Boy Scout Service Center at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp.  Click HERE to view the health form


Adult "Walkers"

Each pack is required to send adults to walk with the Cub Scouts from station to station and help the program area volunteers each day. One adult for every 5 Cub Scouts from each pack is required. If your pack has 1-5 Scouts registered, the pack must send at least 1 walker each day; if your pack has 6-10 registered Scouts, you must send 2 walkers each day, etc. The walkers do not have to be the same person all week. It is the responsibility of the Pack Leadership to make sure their Pack has the appropriate number of walkers secured for each day and communicate that with the camp director. A walker does not have to be a registered member of the BSA, however they must be willing to help and portray the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. 


We will continue to update the page with the most current information. If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director in your city or erin.smith@scouting.org.

Parent Involvement & Volunteers

It is fun and FREE to attend Adventure Camp as a volunteer! All five-day adventure camps are run by a staff of volunteers! They dedicate a significant amount of time preparing and facilitating camp to provide a safe and fun experience for your child. If you have special skills or available time you would like to share with the Cub Scouts in your area, please contact your local camp director or erin.smith@scouting.org.


In compliance with BSA policy, Tigers (any youth entering 1st grade in Fall of 2020) must have an adult partner accompany them to help one-on-one throughout the day. The same adult does not have to attend all week, however the Camp Director will need to know in advance the names of the Adult Partners attending. 


Email erin.smith@scouting.org or your local camp director with any questions

Click HERE to view the health form

As we approach 2020 Adventure Camps, keep checking for updates


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