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Pinewood Derby

Ask anyone who was a Cub Scout - or their parents or siblings - what they remember most about being a Cub Scout, and they'll probably reply, "Racing those little wooden cars!" The Pinewood Derby is one of the most popular and memorable events in Cub Scouting.

Pinewood derby cars are small models of specified dimensions, created, carved, and assembled by the Scouts under the guidance of an adult family member. The cars are gravity-powered and run down a regulation track.  These tracks are owned/shared between packs.  Packs can contact local organizations that will bring in their track and may even run the race for a nominal fee.

You can buy pinewood derby kits, with building instructions, individually or in packs from the local Scouting distributor (aka the Scout Shop.) Often, the pack's derby committee purchases derby kits in quantity and distributes them to pack families. The Scouting distributor also will have many derby "extras," such as spare wheels, ribbons, trophies, decals, and more. 

Each pack runs pinewood derbies by their own rules. For those Cubs, parents and packs in need of some guidance, helpful suggestions can be found at  And just maybe those suggestions can have you looking like this champion!

For more information or questions, contact your district representative or check here.


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