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All Camp Links

Opening Ceremony: Monday Morning 

Penguin Song- Whole Family

Wacky Wednesday Campfire Part 1

Wacky Wednesday Campfire Part 2

Friday Night Campfire

Best in Show Contest: Enter your pool noodle horse into the Best in Show Contest on Friday July 10th by 3pm or Friday July 17th by 3pm. Email entries to erin.smith@scouting.org or enter them on our Facebook page. 

Nature Centers and Zoos

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute Virtual Tour

Peoria Zoo

Miller Park Zoo

Forest Park Nature Center- Peoria, IL

Sugar Grove Nature Center- McLean, IL


Tiger Links

Fire Safety

Wolf Links

Paper Airplanes

Bear Links

All About Barometers

Daily Weather Readings 

Construction Site Visit

USDA Growing Zones

Webelos Links

**NOTE: The Webelos/AOL completion page has a typo. The second "Castaway" should say "Into the Woods". Updated PDF is here:

Webelos/AOL Completion Page Updated Version

Water Filtration and Purifying  (methods you can do at home)

Cub Scout Eric Construction Site Visit

Nova Wild Links

Awesome Animals American Beaver

Awesome Animals Kangaroo Kaos

Endangered Species

Build a Diorama

Invasive Species

How to Become a Park Ranger

An y questions or if you need help with something regarding Cub Scout Summer Camp please contact: erin.smith@scouting.org



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