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2019 Council Camporee

Over 500 Scouts and volunteers participated in the first Council Camporee in nine years with a theme of Scouting Around the World.  Units selected countries to represent and Scouts traveled to the different countries to participate in activities and learn more about countries.  Scouts were able to participate in additional activities provided by Scouts and different vendors.  The event kicked off Friday night with a concert from Brushville and ended Saturday night with a fireworks show.

Come Celebrate Scouting Around the World

Cost is $25 per Scout or attendee

The first 270 people to register for the Camporee will get to take part in a Space Simulator at Heartland Community College. 

Learn more about the Space Simulator HERE



- Jamboree on the Air:

Use a ham radio and talk to other Scouts from all over the world!

- Highland Games

Traditional Scottish athletic competitions including Caber Toss, Hammer throw, shot put, and haggis eating. If you do not want to participate in the competitions you are invited to watch Scouts and attendees try their hand at these challenges. 

Heartland Harvest 5K

Sign up for the Heartland Harvest 5K for half-off using our specific Scouts registration link HERE

-Pack and Troop Competition

Each Pack or Troop has adopted a country and will be creating activities that each person can participate in. The competition will be based on which Troop or Pack has the best presentation about the country that they have chosen. 

Read more in the full 2019 Council Camporee Guidebook HERE

Note to all attending:

There will be an onsite fill up station with water for cooking and drinking.

A dumpster will be provided for trash.

Use of above ground fire pits is allowed in areas where permitted.

Map of Heartland Community College and events 


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