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Patch Requirements 


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Both Required:
< Yes, my unit (or I participated in a community pick up) did a litter pick-up on ________________(date) at __________________________(location)
< Write a summary about what you have learned about litter and the effects on the environment


Choose 1 from below to complete:
< Earn the World Conservation Award 
(Cub Scouts) / (Boy Scouts)
< Earn the Leave No Trace Awareness Award (Cub Scouts) / (Boy Scouts)
< I did a presentation about the harmful effects of litter in our community to: 
    - My class at school
    - My church group
    - My unit (Pack or Troop)


Choose 1 from below to complete:
< Make a poster about why you should not litter, show your den, pack, troop and display it at school, church, or library
< Read a book or research a website and give a report to a family member
< Submit an article and/or photo to your local newspaper about your unit's participation in ScoutSweep
(Earn the News Reporter Patch)
< Take a tour of your local landfill or local recycling company (aluminum, paper, other)

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