Cache Lake

Cache Lake Camp is a Boy Scout camp owned by the W. D. Boyce Council, in Ontario, Canada. The camp is located 670 miles north of Bloomington, Illinois, approximately 8 miles via water, northeast of Crane Lake, Minnesota. This camping opportunity was started in 1963 - with all of the start-up and annual maintenance work conducted by dedicated volunteers.

How Do You Go?

You must attend the Camping Preview event, held in October; at this event, a drawing is held, where each unit receives one chance in the draw for 1 of 11 weeks available for this high adventure.

Each unit qualified to attend Cache Lake Camp must fill out the drawing registration form. This form does not guarantee your unit a spot at Cache Lake Camp. By completing this form, your unit will be able to pick a drawing number


Already going to Cache Lake? CLICK HERE for the 2019 forms.


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