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Wotamalo District Committee






   District Committee Chair
Dave Osborn 309-369-3034
   District Commissioner Melody Wiseman  309-825-4446
       Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Cliff Smith 309-444-8516
       Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Scott Gilles (309) 263-4459
   Development Vice Chair VACANT - -
       Family Friends of Scouting VACANT    
       Popcorn VACANT - -
   Activities Vice Chair Vacant     
       Cub Scout Activities Chair Teresa Cornett  1-217-891-8289
           Pinewood Derby VACANT    
           Morton Cub Scout Day Camp Mary Barrick  309-360-3689
           Pathways Stacey Reuter  309-264-2343
           Cub Scout Launch Teresa Cornett 1-217-891-8289
           Cub Scout Yukon Graham Mullett  309-339-3942
       Boy Scout Activities Chair Vacant    
           Klondike Eunice Bazhenow  (309) 213-1518
           Spring Camporee Troop 178 & Troop 42    
           Fall Camporee District Commitee & District Commissioners - -
       Venturing Activities Chair Cathy Lane 309-264-1423
       Order of the Arrow Bob Bloompott 309-253-4304  
       District Dinner Jamee Congrove -
   Unit Emphasis Vice Chair VACANT - -
       Advancement Chair Bill Maddox  309-241-8076

          Merit Badge Coordinator Holly Geier 309-266-7072
          Eagle Board Coordinator      
          Eagle Board Coordinator      
       Training Chairs      
   Community Affairs Vice Chair VACANT - -
       Chartered Partner Relations VACANT - -
       Communications/Web Master Kim Morrison



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